Accept all contactless payments with your mobile

With Paytweakapp you have no limits for contactless payments. No Gadget to plug in, no Box to box up! Get paid directly to your bank account without delay!

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Pioneer of the PayPHONE since January 2019

SOFTPOS App Features

The only application you need
to cash out with your mobile, irrevocably.

Just with a mobile app

No box or gadget to connect! You can make contactless payments if your Android or Apple phone is equipped with NFC technology.

100% compatible !

Regardless of the card used. Our application is compatible with contactless cards worldwide.

At the Point-Of-Sale

Connect the Paytweakapp to your cash registers and sellers can take payments on the go with their tablets.

Sécurité PCI-PDA DSS

Our PA-DSS certified application integrates the only partitioning and encryption technology on the market.

Deferral of payment

Eliminate queuing by transferring to any other device using the Paytweakapp.

Drive all your apps !

Link multiple Paytweakapp to your Paytweak SaaS account, manage them remotely and see all live feeds.

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How it works?

Download the mobile app and turn your mobile into a PayPHONE®, et voilà !

Coupled with 3DSecure and compatible with the SoftPOS protocols of the bank card issuers, the Paytweakapp guarantees irrevocable, uncapped contactless cashouts and also offers the most powerful PayByLink features on the market.

1. Download

From Google Play

2. Create account

Connect bank or PSP

3. Cash out !

Get paid in seconds


Frequestly Asked Questions

Paytweak does not charge any fees on the transaction amount! However, you will have to pay the usual fees as per your contract with your bank or PSP.

ALL Android devices with NFC technology, phones and tablets! Including your Apple devices (iPhone) ...

If for some reason the capture doesn't work, the app switches to Paytweaktech, our technology that allows to continue the payment in e-commerce mode. You'll never miss a sale again!

YES! You can live control all the applications deployed on your network, regardless of the country or bank. You see the feeds in real time and they appear in your administrator account. You can remotely activate / deactivate the applications, schedule the hours of operation, the networks on which you accept them. All our applications cannot be transferred to another device, they are individual and personal.

NO! You can use Paytweakapp to display a QRcode or send a payment request via Email, SMS, Whatsapp ... etc. to get paid. You will get the payment notification in real time on the device and in the admin account

You will get all the features of Paytweak and the user will have the access and action privileges that you have granted to him from your admin account.

YES If your EFTPOS is an Android EFTPOS, you can install Paytweakapp from its store and keep all the features of your proximity contract.

The softPOS technology and especially PinOnmobile is not yet widespread. Even though Paytweakapp is the perfect backup solution when they fail, we recommend you keep a classic TPE....

AS MUCH AS YOU WANT! We have a simple policy: ONE app for ONE device.

They can work completely standalone, without a PaytweakSAAS account. Or you can connect them to your PaytweakSAAS account and monitor them remotely.

Not necessarily! You can download the application from the Google Store and create a standalone account directly from the application.

If you have a Paytweaksaas account on our website, you can create licenses for your users (one license per device) and remotely control as many applications as you like. They can even interact with each other. You can transfer a payment request from one to another.

All in One ! NFC contactless, QRcode & ultra PayByLink

Our application combines the best technologies of the Paytweak® service to enable secure local and remote payments.