Our payment link opens a door to the most innovative customer journeys

Make your collections faster and more secure than ever with Paytweak®

PCI-DSS + anti-phishing technology

We have created unique technologies on the market to protect you

0% fraud with our
machine learning & IA

Our 500 PSP connection offers you the best solution on the market.

Direct cash deposit to your bank account with no delay

The funds arrive in your bank account without delay and without intermediaries


Generate our secure payment link

Create a link or QRcode from your mobile, our SaaS or API with the amount and parameters ( lifetime, scenario ...) of your choice


Send the link or display the QRcode

Display the QR code to your customer on your phone, copy/paste or share the link in your mobile applications or send it via the secure channels offered by our SaaS or API (email, SMS, Whatsapp ...).


Get real time approval on your screens

Receive payment confirmation in real time on your screens and through your connected business software (CRM, ERP, etc.)

Adopt the paylink strategy

Here are 3 easy steps to trigger a secure distant payment

Initiating a payment or credit card authorisation remotely has never been easier or more secure. Guarantee all reservations, collect deposits or get paid on your invoices

Create, import and choose your own personalized email and SMS templates

Use our email and SMS editor to create reusable templates, tailored to each circumstance and including dynamic fields + ESP anti-phishing signature

Send your payment requests by email, SMS, Whatsapp... in 1 second!

Enter the amount, email address or phone number of the customer* and send your payment request. That's it! You are on your way

Join the Paytweak'ers

Discover the amazing features of Paytweak by booking a demo via Microsoft Teams

Arrange a meeting

Track all your cash flows in real time, on all screens.

You know when messages are sent, dropped, read, when a link is clicked and you can even monitor the customer's keystrokes on the payment page and see the payment live on screen.

Organize your teams by creating sales points and privileged users access

Follow the activity of your network around the world, in real time. You will immediately know the status of your sales and can manage multiple teams remotely.

Get performance indicators & KPI to optimize conversions and cash flow

Our analytics tools provide real-time information on the effectiveness of your network, the best sales channels and the preferred payment methods of your customers.